Asian Bomb Squad

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The Asian Bomb Squad (ABS) was actually once a dominant gang in the North End and West End of Winnipeg Manitoba. They also proclaim their set as "crips". The gang was known for being down straight ruthless as they were known for Arson, Murders, Car Theft and Drug Trafficking and took their business real serious to other gangs. their main rival were mainly the Indian Posse gang were also enemies to the Manitoba Warriors Hells Angels, followed by the Deuce. But the gang were known to be allies to the Native Syndicate gang but around the year 2000 they started to break up has many members were murdered in gang fights & others moving to other cities the gang has lost its touch since the break up and only 20 - 30 core members remain in the cities West End & the West Central neighborhoods, the members who are left are now known to be repping The Rolling 20's Crips. ABS is also allied with the WestSide Crips(204Boyz)their smaller set crew.