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The Asian Boyz Crips (ABZ) is a predominately Asian gang that started in Long Beach, California around the 1980s when a wave of Cambodian refugees escaped from the Khmer Rouge Regime and were put in the U.S. Some got put in Long Beach and when they were put here they quickly adopted to Southern California gang culture as many young asian men were being acosted by both African American, Caucassian and Latino gang members. Tired of being terrorized, many young Cambodians formed their own gangs, one of which became known as the Asian Boyz. The Asian Boyz gang has since spread all over California, and to other parts of the United States such as Washington, Texas, Utah, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York & more. Since most African American gangs in Long Beach are under the Crip Alliance, The Asian Boyz gang also represent the "Crips" and practice the wearing of colors & hand signs associated with the Crips. Their known rivals in Long Beach are the Longos 13, Tiny Rascals Gang, Wah Ching, all Bloods, all Sureños and more. The Asian Boyz is the second largest Asian gang in the U.S. Their crimes range from murder, extortion, robbery, home invasions, drive by's, drug trafficking, and more.