Atlantic Drive Compton Crips

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The South Side (S/S) Atlantic Drive Compton Crips are a Crip gang in the Atlantic Drive and Caldwell Avenue area located in the south eastern section of Compton, California. They are allied with the Nutty Blocc Compton Crips, Ward Lane Compton Crips, Duccy Hood Compton Crips, Original Swamps Compton Crips, Original Front Hood Compton Crips, the Carver Park Compton Crips and South Side Compton Crips. They have conflicts with all Bloods/Piru neighborhoods such as the Holly Hood Pirus, Lime Hood Piru, Elm Street Pirus, Leuders Park Piru and Mob Piru. Other rivals include the Santana Blocc Compton Crips, Kelly Park Compton Crips, Neighborhood Compton Crips and Poccet Hood Compton Crips.

Disses: Crabs, E-Ricketts, C-Monsters, Panics, and Ashy Dicks

Notable rappers: G-Bone, Big Bun, B.G. Scarface of the Natoinwide Rip Ridaz.


S.C. Upholds Death Sentence in Compton Drive-By Shootings