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Azusa 13 is a Hispanic American street gang based in Azusa in the eastern San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles, California. Started in the 1960s, this gang claims all of Azusa as their territory, however, they are most active in southern Azusa in the Atlantis Gardens neighborhood off of Alosta Avenue and Rockvale Avenue, and in areas surrounding the downtown area around Azusa Avenue and Foothill Boulevard. Like many other Mexican gangs, the "13" in the name stands for the letter "M", indicating its affiliation with the Mexican Mafia prison gang. This gang is known to tax drug sales in the area and funnel money to the Mexican Mafia. In 2011, 51 members of the Azusa 13 were indicted for hate crimes against African Americans. As is typical of Mexican street gangs in Southern California, the gang was terrorizing blacks in the city [1]. Racial cleansing in these areas started in the early to mid-1990s, when the Southern California street gangs got orders from the Mexican Mafia to eradicate Mexican-controlled neighborhoods of their black population. However, due to the lack of African American street gangs in this region of San Gabriel Valley, the Azusa 13 tend to feud with other Hispanic gangs, most of whom are located outside of the city of Azusa. For instance, they feud with the West Covina 13, West Covina Mob and the West Covina Neighborhood Crips. They also feud with the Du Roc Crips as well as the Bolen Parque 13 and the El Monte 13. Their only known ally is the Mexican Mafia.



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