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The B-Side or ‘Broadway Boys’ are an Aboriginal based low level street gang formed in early 2000 in Winnipeg’s West Broadway area. Their formation involved the uniting of several members from other, lesser-known street gangs. This gang's immense rivalry with neighboring gangs such as the Mad Cowz and African Mafia (which began around 2004) has made members declare a green light on African Canadian youths who rufused to join B-Side within the West End and West Broadway areas, whether gang-affiliated or not. This gang are also considered to be enemies to the Native Syndicate gang followed by the Northside Kings as well. Many of the members are on the cusp of adulthood and have not yet to challenge other established organized crime groups.


West Broadway Wants Pig Presence

B-Side member Caught with Narcotics/Money



thats funny they already smoked 4 AM members

bullshit they run west end hahaha buncha dummies trynna look all tough for nothing lol the East Side Crips came threw and fuked ur shit up. in fighting and retarded moves like jumping a dude in fornt of pis.. Its more like 6itch side.

you never hear of these guys no more. easy chill the fuck b-siders are just shit talkers come to the west side you get laid out we are starped wit them machetes bitchiez bsk