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Mr. Collipark is the CEO of Collipark Records; he’s a multi-platinum producer and songwriter; and he’s also one of the brightest young entrepreneurs in the music industry. Originally one of Atlanta’s hottest DJs, and also a solo recording artist under the name ‘DJ Smurf’, Mr. Collipark who’s real name is Michael Crooms, is now winning in the music game by turning his vision and business savvy into Collipark Music, a multi-million dollar, hit-making record and production company. Mr. Crooms’ productions and trance-like beats, along with the original genius of D- Roc and Kaine of the Ying Yang Twins, have made a new place in Hip-Hop music history. Ying Yang, along with Collipark, have taken what they do to that next level of success.

The Atlanta based company Collipark, and Ying Yang have been on the grind over the years... staying focused and patiently working their gift – all to become superstars. They've taken it from the ‘street’... to the penthouse ‘sweet’! And maybe in the beginning, Ying Yang and Smurf may have been famous as a "party act" ("Whistle While You Twurk"), but now they’ve also emerged as one of the hottest and most original Hip-Hop performing, production & writing teams in the music industry. Their “history-making” #1 collaboration with Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz (“Get Low”), along with their recent innovative hit record “Wait” (The Whisper Song”), makes it clear that "Ying Yang and Mr. Collipark ain't no joke!"

Look for the Ying Yang Twins & Crooms (Mr. Collipark) to be around for a long, long, long (loop that) time... "Shoot... they're just getting' started!” And for all of you, who thought that Ying Yang Twins were just a "One-hit-wonder", stop the hate! For one and all... Michael Crooms and the Ying Yang Twins are indisputably here to stay!

Taken from "The Music Powers That Be... To Succeed in the Music Industry" © 2005 - C. Cirocco Jones – Music Powers – I-Media – All rights reserved used with permission