Biennessy Crime Family

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Biennessy Crime Family

Founded In Portland, Maine

Founded By Howard “Sugar” Biennessy

Years Active 1960-2012

Territory Various neighborhoods over Portland, Maine, Augusta, Maine, New Hampshire, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Massachusetts

Ethnicity Irish , Irish-American made men and other ethnicities as "associates"

Membership Unknown

Criminal Activities Racketeering, Extortion, Illegal Gambling, Street Tax, Union Control, Robbery, Hijacking, Contract Killing, Murder, Bookmaking, Fencing, Money Laundering, Counterfeiting and Prostitution

Allies Quebec crime families, Invisible Hand, Zoner Nation, Cleveland crime family, and Los Angelos crime family

Rivals Various gangs

The Biennessy crime family is a predominantly Irish-American organized crime association. They were started by Howard Donald Biennessy in the 1960's and rose as a respectable crime family until the 1990's with the change of bosses and indictments.


Howard Biennessy was born Howard Donald Biennessy on September 3, 1921 in Hells Kitchen, New York. He is the brother of eight brothers. Little is known about his childhood. But he moved to Portland, Maine in 1940 where he enlisted into World War 2. He would serve in the war until 1944 when he would be hit in the face and arm losing a eye and his right arm. He would return to Portland and settle down with his brothers family. He worked in a bar as the bartender, from here he would learn crime first hand by the Patriarca crime family members and associates. He would go into business with a few of the Patriarca associates in point betting. The money he gained he would use to loan shark customers gaining a ghost co-ownership of a cleaning company and truck delivery company. He hired his brothers to protect his interest. They would use the delivery company to move stolen items eventually fencing the items on the street. They would grow into a membership of 60 ranging into a crime enterprise of illegal gambling, and contract murders. This would continue into the 1990 when Howard would be in for 50 years imprisonment for Racketeering. Rudolph Egan O'Donnell became the new boss of the Biennessy crime family he would lose a great deal of territory from invading gangs and indictments after indictment of other members. He would be imprison and replaced by Thomas “Towers” Morgan in 1996 Thomas would go missing a year later causing the decline of the Biennessy crime family. Howard would get out in 2004 and place his son Elvin “Top Shoe” Biennessy in charge of the business. Howard and Elvin would work to open racketeers and rebuild back their membership to a respectable number. Howard would go back to jail for violating his parole in 2007 leaving his son the sole boss. Howard died on April 3, 2008. Elvin would go to jail and choose his right hand Spencer “Crossing” O'Brien. Spencer would die the same year causing Vito “the Cradle” Belladonna to step up as boss and he still controls the family and was the boss that sits and created the idea of the Invisible Hand. The Biennessy crime family have since decline in membership and with the imprisonment of Belladonna the family has cease to exist losing all their power.

Bosses of the Biennessy Crime Family

1960-1990 - Howard “Sugar” Biennessy

1990-1996 - Rudolph Egan O'Donnell

1996-1998 - Thomas “Towers” Morgan

1998-2004 - Vacant

2004-2007 - Howard Biennessy and Elvin Biennessy

2007-2009 - Elvin Biennessy

2009 - Spencer “Crossing” O'Brien

2009-2012 - Vito “the Cradle” Belladonna