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Big Slob

Kasun AKA Big Slob is an upcoming Sri Lankan Music Producer , Sinhala rapper and RnB singer.He was born and raised in K City , Sri Lanka . Playing Organs was his favourite habit in his childhood and it gifted him the dream of becoming a Music Producer. But he moved on as a solo music artist for years performing in special occasions and concerts. Then his music life was changed after he met his fellow group member Dog Loco. He began to follow rap music and associated with Dog Loco to make the crew " B Thugs " . One year later both of them got together with " Up in C " members Eighty and Bounce to make the group NWO.

Early life

Kasun has got two brothers. He struggled with himself for many years to figure out his skills on music. He has attended to few schools. He started his music career by making beats to Sri Lankan Pop Music Culture . Then he moved to RnB and Rap Music. Now he is able to even make beats for Old school and New School Hiphop. Due to the upcoming Mixtape album of NWO , Slob is now putting his attention on Sinhala rapping more than making beats. But NWO crew members revealed that he will be the music producer of their first studio album.

Musical Career

He was performing as a solo singer for a long-time and joined with Dog Loco's Hip hop group " B Thugs ". There he began to learn Hip hop Music for the first time and became a Sinhala Rapper. " B Thugs " crew has made some songs. But due to the departure of the other member Soulja from B Thugs, they were unable to release them out though Soulja is still working with them as a solo rapper. So he joined with NWO and released a RnB song , " Heena Gena Re " .And he is willing to introduce ' SK Productions ' .


Big Slob has got a buoyant high pitched voice and his style is based on southern hip hop. Slob and Dog Loco are the only RnB singers in NWO.



  • Heena Gena Re - Dog Loco ft Big Slob

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