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Bronx House Music Group LLC is an American hip-hop and R&B record label based in New York and founded in 2010 by Anthony (Iyce) Shropshire, Philip (Dom) Arnold and Grayden Darrel Shropshire.

On September 11, 2011 the company released a thought provoking song Right - Wrong by D-MOST (ft. Dae Writer) as a wake up call to society. A release party followed with ground breaking promotions. The company was the first to produced a trailer to promote parties thus prompting other companies to follow. The label was also the first hip-hop label to use audio e-cards to promote it's artist.


The label's founders are Anthony "Iyce" Shropshire who worked along side Jamesearl Jones Jr. at the 90's record label Uptown Records in it's A&R department; after Uptown was aquired by MCA records he accompanied Jones to RCA records for a brief stay. After just one week in the RCA's A&R department he ventured with Jones once again to Def Jam's A&R department with the help of Sean "P.Diddy" Combs. Philip "Dom" Arnold who's been a community organizer in urban communities for over twenty years orchestrating and overseeing youth programs, basketball tournaments, elected official(s) campaigning and other non-for-profit associations. Grayden Darrel Shropshire Jr, the true and living result born from Hip-Hop parents (who met at a 70ies park jam) with pioneer roots. He's been around the Hip-Hop scene since his inception thus illustrates a deep rooted essence of three generations of Hip-Hop greatness.


  • D-MOST: Straight and direct from the Motherland of Hip-Hop “D-MOST” profoundly represents The Boogie Down Bronx, New York City and the true art of rap. The appropriate tag line/slogan “Hip-Hop’s Best Kept Secret” & “The Kid With The Million Dollar Flow” truthfully and correctly describe and answer the marketability and void of True School Hip-Hop Artistry for the 21st Century.

Affiliated artist

  • Bizzy Bone (Song title: Holdin' On)
  • Kay-Lee (Song title: Holdin' On)
  • Keith Murray (Song title: Ladies)
  • Dae Writer (Song title: Right - Wrong) 1/4 Part of the 80's r&b group sensation 4 by four who we're signed to the Capitol records label and enjoyed such hits as Girlfriend and Come Over.
  • 4 By Four

Affiliated producers

  • D-Man: Derick "D-Man" McElveen discovered by Anthony "Iyce" Shropshire and brought to Uptown's Jamesearl Jones who became the first producer to produce for House Entertainment Inc. through a production deal with Def Jam Recordings and produced hits for Montell Jordan (I Like, Falling, Superloverman) as well as other industry artist.
  • Tie Stick: The nephew of and nurtured by McElveen. Tie Stick who currently produces for rapper papoose acquired his name from his dad who was in an urban street fight when young and was said to beat a man with a stick and was called Tie-Stick from then on. The name was passed to his musical son "Tie Stick".
  • Dayzel: James D. Fowler aka Sean aka Sean Dayzel. The younger brother of Rick Fowler best known for being a part of the legendary oldschool rap group The Dynamic Three with hits on the reality records label such as The Request Line and the smash hit The Roof Is On Fire. James D. Fowler who started producing at an early age produced a number of songs for his older brother.




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