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Bushido (real name Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi) also known as Sonny Black, is an MC from Berlin, Germany. Bushido was born to a Tunisian father who he never met and a German mother. He was raised by his mother in the Tempelhof neighborhood of Berlin. He went to Gymnasium school (which in Germany is high school for the gifted) but he dropped out before he could get his Abitur (which in Germany is the basic requirement to get into university). He became a drug dealer and began to write graffiti under the name Fuchs (which in German means Fox). He was eventually caught and charged with possession and vandalism. His sentence was to either receive vocational training as a painter or go to prison, and he chose the training. He contributed to several underground albums and singles before releasing his debut "King of Kingz" which led to his signing to Aggro Berlin. He recorded several well known songs while signed to Aggro Berlin before leaving and creating his own label, Ersguterjunge.


Bushido's music is widely banned in his homeland (although he has sold over 2 million copies, making him the most successful rapper in Germany) because his subject matter goes beyond what is often acceptable in Canada and the USA. On top of glorifying a gangster lifestyle and expressing disrespectful views about women, his music has strong nationalist views and is often racist and disrespectful towards minorities.

But people still love him. Obviously.