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Côte-des-Neiges (aka Uptown or UPT) is located to the north and west of Mount Royal and is composed of the districts of Snowdon (from MacDonald Ave. until Côte-des-Neiges Rd.), CDN (or Côte-des-Neiges, from Côte-des-Neiges Rd. until de Vimy Ave.) and NJT (or Namur-Jean Talon, commonly named after nearby Mountain Sights Ave.). Côte-des-Neiges has historically been a section with a high immigrant population which includes those of West Indian, Sri Lankan, Indian, Bengali, Philipino and Cambodian decent. Public relation among its residence and Montreal Police have been strained for years in this district, especially among young people. Although Côte-des-Neiges is a large area with many middle class working neighbourhoods, parts of it has been rifed with gang violence and the prolification of narcotics, especially through local Blood sets.
"160 Bang Bang", courtesy Balla G Records
"Bout It Bout It", courtesy Balla G Records


(Video Clip HD) My niggaz Go Hard, OneSix Jim, Trey Brooks, Free Punch, Ft, Chukky (Freeky Tv)

REGIE MARVELOUS Feat flawless , propane , demon514 - 160 TAKE OVER (official video)MONTREAL RAP

Regie Marvelous - 160 bang bang(montreal rap)UPTOWN


Regie Marvelous


Police Target Blacks During Anti-Gang Op

Police in Côte des Neiges Say Multicultural Exchanges Are Yielding Good Results

Brawl in Mount Royal District


Remeber one thing about Uptown, you fuck around here you'll probably end up in the hospital wondering what happen. Bz up Cz down hommie. Suwooop!