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C. Leon was born and raised in the notorious Lawrence Heights community, known to many around the city as Jungle October 17, 1984 in Toronto, Canada. With recollections of his up bringing, alongside the current issues he and others face around him vivid tales and images are often painted. With a message in the music, C. Leon plans to introduce all to his concrete jungle.

Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, from seeing family members incarcerated to the deaths of close friends, music almost serves as therapy for the past 3 years. His musical influences include, the late Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Juvenile, Phil Collins, Wu-Tang, and countless other R&B greats.

Producer, consultant, and entrepreneur are some of the other titles C. Leon takes on. Having made beats for artists such as St. Laz, Hustlemann, and The Offense (a super-group he is also a part of) couldn’t hurt his entry into the industry as a producer. As one of the founding members of Battleground Entertainment, C. Leon serves as a party organization consultant. Having worked with clubs such as The Docks, Kool Haus, and Sin City. Lastly, taking business in his own hands is nothing new for C. Leon. He opened Commitee Recordings, an independent music group that will release and distribute his future projects. The music group also includes such acts as El Nino, and The Commitee who consist of C. Leon, El Nino, and Choice. C. Leon has sold over 20,000 units worldwide and has worked alongside industry heavyweights such as Dj Kid Capri, Dj Whoo Kid, Dj G-Spot, Stone Love, Mobb Deep, and 112.

C. Leon is the new generation of Hip Hop that needs to be heard. This young man’s no play attitude and work ethic can only be an asset to his already well-rounded skill. Many people North of the border are looking for the poster child of Canadian hip hop; C. Leon demands to be heard! Rightly so, with a vision as sharp as his, it's only a matter of time before people across the world are talking about MR. LION HEART. I remember this guy freestyling at St.Thomas Aquinas,time ago though.Man got skills..never knew he was from jungle,but always rep ya hood.


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