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C4 is a prolific street rapper from the Marsh Grassways section of Jane and Finch in Toronto, Canada. C4 makes up one half of the duo known as The Corps. Born of North African herritage, this mc has made a reputation among hip hop circles as a frontman for 'street' mcs with his potent, yet smooth delivery and reality based lyrics. He has also been compared to deceased rapper Yafeu Fula Kadafi; a member of slain rapper Tupac Shakur's rap group The Outlawz.


Toronto Zoo


C.O.R.P.O.R.A.T.I.O.N ft. Jet Black


Yo wat up, Im from northern Colorado & my nigga C4 kills all the tracks hes on.... I heard the song 100 strong arm and this guy is the only reason I listend to it again.......Whats Good C4 ur sikk wit it nigga Canada!! represent.

gulliest nigga to do it comin straight outta jane and finch/connections

ANY1 HAVE HIS MSN?!???????