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Cali Snipes has been in the game much longer than he’s been recognized for. Having a nationally distributed record at the age of 14, Cali knew that music was in his heart and blood – and he would succeed at all costs. Being part of The Offence plus having his own independent label alongside fellow artist Aristo (Freeborn Records), this mc's destiny was some what mapped out for him with his eldest brother being a reggae DJ and his next brother a DJ/MC. Cali would constantly follow them to shows, recording his first single at an early age. His rap technique has been described as 'fluent enough to build with the skill of a backpacker, at the same time with the mass appeal of a gat clapper'. Hailing from Toronto's notorious Jane and Finch Corridors, Cali Snipes is a a new face, a new sound and a new voice in a time where monotony is considered the norm in a stagnant, yet young industry in Canada.

"Make way for di Bandalero like Pinchas, and make man dem know say dat dem ah original Finchaz"- Cali Snipes-Give it 2 Dem


Give it to Dem

Money to Burn

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