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With a strong buzz built in a short amount of time, Camolflauge AKA Gangis Khan is one of the latest artists out of Scarborough's rough Orton Park neighbourhood to elevate the standard of mcing in Toronto. His powerful voice and well-crafted lyrics, along with his ability to create an emotional connection with his listeners, has quickly bumped him to the top of many people’s lists of favorites. It wasn’t until he found himself recovering from a gunshot to the back that Camolflauge really took hip hop as a means of income seriously. Recovering from open heart surgery gave Camo plenty of opportunity to put his priorities into perspective and he ultimately decided that his musical talent was worth focusing on. He holds firm his Indian herritage, although he was raised in Kuwait as a youth and was shipped by his parents to Toronto for better oppertunities. Being losely affiliated with both S.L.U.G. and Deep Waters, Camolflauge is an mc at the top of his game and destined for bigger things in the near future.


I Know Everybody

Training Day

Now oh Now

You Don't Know Me


Big Bang ft. Kin Smuv


Ninja Swordz

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