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Guatemala, the late sixties, civil war is at its peak, hundreds of thousands of civilians are slaughtered by the government & guerillas. A young woman is inside her house in the crime-ridden city of Zacapa, uncertain as to whether she will live or die. Machine guns scrape the steps of her house during the night, climbing over and running through the obstacles that lie on the rugged terrain is her only option. Two of her three brothers, murdered in cold blood, one of them dying in front of her eyes. Months passed and freedom arrived in the form of an airplane ticket.

Destination, Toronto. After meeting a man also from Guatemala the two settled down, and had two children, two years apart. The second child was born on December 10th, 1986. Four days before Voyager would begin its flight around the earth, Albert F.P., better known as Cap N1ne was born. Growing up was as joyful as it was difficult. Those on the outside knew little about Albert, only as much as he would show them. Plagued with various health problems, trips to the ER were frequent. School was normal in the beginning, but as the years went by, physical & mental health complications, in addition to bullying, declining grades and problems with the family made going a very unpleasant experience. Into his later teens, these problems worsened due to the actions of irresponsible individuals. Misplaced trust was taken advantage of and he eventually put his life on hold and became somewhat of a recluse for a year.

During this time he began producing and writing songs. Recording came several years after, and with only a 60 second snippet, he gained praise from people he worked with, and was pushed to continue recording. After numerous collaborations and free online releases, he recorded a solo track in 2003 which would land him on The Fuze Iz Lit! Mixtape (2004), becoming his official rapping debut. Shortly after he appeared on AC The Promoter Presents, several mixtapes, and various projects for graphic design. Both tracks were self produced, but his first track produced for another artist was with Razer, on his debut album Born 2 Die on a track entitled "Stand Back". In early 2006, he and Teknikkz, an artist he worked with long before and after music put out an album called Streets Never Sleep. SNS was well received as their first mixtape, and even though they've both improved greatly since it's release, it serves to be a reminder of the work and time they put into music.

So far Cap N1ne has worked with the likes of Stomper, Ronnie Bumps, Wreck, Don Abusivo, Siete, El Demonio, Weeto & so forth. He's been featured on numerous projects and continues to put out better music with each song created. Cap N1ne released his debut solo album "Days Of My Life" in 2008 which featured production entirely done by himself. Be on the look out for more of Cap N1ne in the now and future.

Official Releases

  • 2006 Teknikkz & Cap N1ne - Streets Never Sleep
  • 2008 Cap N1ne - Days Of My Life

Featured Discography

  • 2004 Various Artists - The Fuze Iz Lit! Mixtape
  • 2006 AC The Promoter - The Album
  • 2006 Razer - Born 2 Die [Producer]
  • 2006 Various Artists - Chicano Rap Bangers Vol. 2
  • 2007 Chromatiks Presents Eponyme
  • 2007 Estilo - Look At Me Now
  • 2007 Lil' Fiend - What's Your Fantasy
  • 2007 Teknikkz - Somethin' From Nothin'
  • 2008 Stomper - Unreleased Kuts
  • 2008 El Demonio - Born Again
  • 2008 Lil Wicked & Dat Raskal - No Way Out Inc: The New Underground

Graphic Design

  • 2005 Wicked Minds - The Unforgiven

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