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The Carson West Side Pirus are a predominately Samoans, Polynesians (Pacific Islanders) and African-American street gang located in the city of Carson, California. This gang was founded by members of the original Bompton West Side Piru who had relocated to Carson during the late 1980s. The Carson West Side Pirus controls a very small geographical area (compared to other Carson street gangs) that is centered around Figueroa Avenue, between 220th Street and Carson Street. They were one of the first gangs in Carson to represent the Piru card outside of Compton, California. Like all other Piru sets, The Carson West Side Pirus are rivals to all Crips, specifically the Park Village Compton Crips, Victoria Park Carson Crips, Stevenson Village Carson Crips, 190 East Coast Blocc Crips, the Sons Of Samoa Crips and the Rollin 20s Long Beach Crips. The Carson West Side Pirus were also involved in racially motivated wars with the Hispanic Dominguez Varrio 13, Varrio Carson 13 and the Catskill Street gang. Members of the Carson West Side Pirus consider themselves allies of all Pirus/Bloods, but in particular the Bompton West Side Piru, Center View Piru, ScottsDale Piru, Kalas Park Loks and the Carson Samoan Warriors.

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