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Here are two new Artist up and comming. Artist name Louige Damion. Real name, Louige Damion do Santos Lövgren. History. Louige worked in the background of the Swedish birth of rap and hip hop music. all the way back in them realy 90´s he was known mainly by producers and rappers. co worked with Adam Nilsson (ADL) on the project "Abscent minded" and during many years a friend and co producer of his own projects together with Rodrigo Pencheff of Topaz Sound system (todays Topaz) and also a friend of them other Pencheff brothers, Cribbe and Tito Pencheff. Hokan Nordquist is another producer whom Louiger Damion have known and worked with. Louige Damion is a composer, Producer and a singer/rapper (says he rather sings though) and is at the moment living and working with several projects in Brasil where he was originally born before been adopted to Sweden. One should stay quite alert to Louige Damion and his upcomming projects. The next up in line is with the new descending rap star of Brazil, Artist name: "Grilo13" Real name: Michael Rodrigo Underwood. This new kid on the Brazilian rap balcony is said to be something of a wonderchild. His style is raw, distinct and totally innovative. His first album was released in the beginning of 2005 and was called "Calado jã tã errado" with such innovation as the track called "Eo so 13". Louigge Damion has his eyes on this new talent and what ever will come out of that venture is bound to cause a storm into the buizness.

Author of article. Knutte L.