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Also formerly known as the Darkside Crips in the late 90s and Chester Le Bloods in the mid 2000's, this street gang originates from the Chester Le housing projects in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. In mid to late 2005 due to the many altercations with other crips, they had decided to rename themselves to the Chester Le Crew whilst adopting the blood moniker. They are involved in the street level distribution of narcotics, extortion, car theft and are known to be heavily armed. Their main rivals are the Glendower Crips, the Guilty Crime Posse and the Parma Court Posse. They have also shown to be hostile to the Galloway Boys, this following the 2012 Danzig BBQ mass shooting perpetrated by a feud between Folorunso Owuso of Chester Le and members of the Galloway Boys. Their allies include members of the Malvern Crew and the ABG. In the summer of 2019, Toronto Police led "Project Kraken" after four years of investigating the Chester Le Crew's fentanyl operation where almost 80 people were arrested on a list of 600 charges, those arrested are either from Chester Le or directly associated with the group.



Danzig Shooter moves to Adult Prison

Man, 21, sentenced to life in prison for role in deadly Danzig St. shooting

Mississauga man charged with murder of 21-year-old Malique Ellis

Police seek help in finding shooting suspect Henok Mebratu

Three people arrested in raids connected to east-end shooting

Murder of Scarborough man was part of feud between housing complexes: police

73 people face 599 charges in Project Kraken probe into Chester Le gang