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Chopper City is an African-American rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is best known for being on MTV's Making The Band, which was a tv series where music producer Diddy was looking for new artists to sign to his Bad Boy Entertainment record label, Chopper City eventually got signed to Diddy's record label, where he wsa in a group called Da Band(music group), but it was short lived. A few years later he was signed to Young Money Cash Money Records, but was later dropped from the label due to him and Lil Wayne having a falling out. Him and Lil Wayne never settled their differences, and still continue to beef with each other to this day. Chopper City has his own record label in which he founded called M.O.E. Ent aka Money Over Everything Entertainment, he is a member of the West Side Piru street gang.




  • Chopper City was once in a relationship with model Katt Stacks.