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Chuggo grew up on Lakeshore & Islington in Toronto, Canada between a KFC and a Strip club. For the first 7 years of his life his head grew bigger due to a lot of T.V. Dinners. He discovered music at age of nine in the form of X-Clan, N.W.A., Tim Dog, Kool G. Rap and Def Leppard. Even though he didn't learn to snap his fingers till he was twelve nothing could stop him from enjoying the latest from Public Enemy. Chuggo is not an emcee he is a rapper. In late 2002 Chuggo began to work in the studio and released his first solo 12-inch vinyl in 2003. Chuggo is a member of The Lakeshore Stranglas "the most dangerous rap group this side of the border" alongside 2Gats, White Fang, Black Male, Koshur and Ritz Nabisko. In 2005 Chuggo was featured as a wanted top 10 criminal on the 222-tips website, with Canadian authorities seeking to apprehend him for creating possibly the worst music in history. He was later jailed for an absolute lack of talent and being a complete failure at life in general. Chuggo only spent 6 months in jail after being anally destroyed for consistently yelling out "AAAARRRRGH C'mon, fuck a GUY", which attracted inmates attention somewhat.

He sings the best rap song ever, called AAAARRRRGH C'mon, fuck a GUY


Come On Fuck A Guy

Lakeshore Stranglers Live

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