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Proclaimed as Halifax's leading rap voice, Classified continues to mark his territory in the Canadian rap scene with every album. His latest release, "Boy-Cott-In The Industry," is a reflection of his relentless affair with hip-hop. Classified being his own praducer and the creater of his own record company "half life records" has released 10 albums to date and there is no sign in him stoping.

"So many MC's on the mic sound the same/It's kinda funny though, 'cause they're the ones who found the fame/So what's that say? About the world and the music business?/I guess it's all about the bank and how much money's in it/And half life, is like, half broke/I got to work the nine to five to put my own records out" - Classified (Hey Now)

"Why do people tell me I should pick up a guitar?/Why the fuck would I do that? I'm an MC, not a rock star"-Classified (Questions)