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Concrete Mob is a seasoned rap group hailing from the Esplanade section of downtown Toronto, Canada. Along with Dj Scam, MCs Blackjak and Deuce Deuce are the veteran emcees who make up this critically acclaimed group who first made their public debut featured upon the Beat Factory Rap Essentials Vol. 1 compilation. Both Blackjak and Deuce grew up as childhood friends, beat-boxing and reciting rhymes, in their downtown neighborhood streets as alternative to the lure of street life, which had claimed a number of their close friends. They started their duo posse in 1996, shortly after Duece was released from prison, making a name for themselves in the Toronto hip-hop scene winning contests for CKLN demo battle on the community based Power move show.


The Streets (ft. The Outlawz)

Y Wouldn't I?

Concrete Mob feat. Lucho - Going All Out

Concrete Mob - Maybe Next Time

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