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The Crack Down Posse is a street gang operating from the Saint-Michel district of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Made up of mainly Haitian Canadians, the CDP are said to be the founding Crips (or 'Blues') gang in Montreal. This gang, whose members' age range from early teens to late 30's, works under the Syndicate gang, who functioned as a third-tier unit within the Nomads' vast organization. In past years, founding members of the Crack Down Posse used to be known as small-time thugs, terrorizing their poor neighbourhoods with penny-ante drug deals and robbing local businesses. But under the guidance of Gregory Wooley's Syndicate gang, along with the backing of the Hell's Angels, the Crack Down Posse became a major player in the lucrative drug trade in Montreal's north end. The CDP is believed to be the most organized Crips gang in Montreal, with drug trafficking being their main source of income. Not only does this gang have an extensive reach on the streets of Montreal, but also within its prisons as well. Their main rivals are the Bo-Gars. Members have been reported in the Gatineau and Greater Toronto Area as well.


Gang dispute led to Rideau Street shooting

CDP Member Deported Back to Haiti

Bordeaux Guards Implicated in Prison Corruption