Crazy Ass Delinquents

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Youth street gang from the borough of Verdun in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Although this gang are not as influential and organized as other street gangs, police say that its members are involved in armed robbery, assault, street level distribution of narcotics, tagging and vandalism.


Street Gangs in Verdun


CAD members have for a while been on the low and have slowly but surely removed themselves from the radar or criminal activity in Verdun and neighboring west end areas. There are still some members in and around the west end who still continue small criminal activities but most of the crews original and bigger members have moved away and began families, although they may still have illegal drug trade going on here and there. Since the collapse of CAD and their illegal activity as a gang has diminished, newer gangs have formed in verdun, most of them began from teenagers doing graffiti in and around Verdun, Ville Emard, the Point, LaSalle and other areas. The biggest of these graffiti crews are called BEC which began sometime in 2009 and the newer but nevertheless on the rise WER, which is turning out to be a junior version of CAD, both of these crews being mainly irish. Both BEC and WER are acronyms, BEC originally standing for bombing every corner but also getting names like beating every cop, bunnin exotic reefer, and for people who dont really like this crew, biting every cock. WER stands for quite a few things, the original name being West End Riders, but since then gaining names like winning every round, we educate retards, wont ever rest and a few others. However these crews both toned down the graffiti, although still doing it but more or less on legal walls to reduce risk of getting caught, have started street level drug trade with marijuana and hash. Ways to identify members of these crews or gangs are simple, BEC usually sports fitteds(new era baseball caps) eith a toronto blue jays logo on it, and WER members usually sport a Montreal Expos logo on their hats.