Da Turf Holo

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Da Turf Holo

Founded By Marcus “Prophet” Stanley IIII(The Black Hustle)

Years Active 1970-Present

Ethnicity Mixed

Criminal Activities Arm Robberies, Dog Fighting, Drug Trafficking, Murder, Assault, Illegal Street Racing, Street Fighting, Money Laundering and Extortion

Allies Black Squad Mafia Holo Families, Suicidal Pistol Riders(SPR), Perdido Varrio, Bad Azz, Hoodie Holo, Who Riders and Ca$hflow Posse

Rivals Surface, Blue Tone, 80th Street Monster Squad and the Pure Ones


The Black Hustle was started by a network of gangs who started on Ebenezer Street. They would be lead by Marcus “Prophet” Stanley IIII. Marcus only 16 was known to sell heroin as well as shake down dice games. He would help finance there operations while encouraging their escapades. In the began of their start they were a coalition of gangs such as the Brothers, the Circe Crew and the Knockouts. They expand there reach into each others neighboring communities. As Circle Crew grow larger they would seek independence from the Black Hustle. Marcus using the gain membership as enforcers pushed the full forces of the Brothers and Knockouts to eliminate the leaders of the Circle Crew. This move would put the Circe Crew into a quite place with the appointing of new leaders by Marcus. While Marcus expand their network of blocks into heroin selling points, the Brothers would start a beef between the much larger gang Blue Tones. This beef was started with a Blue Tone member fighting a Brother member over a girlfriend. In the summer of 1974 Marcus was arrested for two counts of man slaughter and drug trafficking. He would take a plea bargain receiving 19 years in prison. He would go on to testify on 32 people convicting 21 of the people. The Black Hustle would drop as a coalition of gangs and break down as independence with many going to war with one another over drug territory. The break down would help form a new gang of member who choose to carry the name the Black Hustle. They would be lead by Logan “Pip” Young who spent most the time building a rep for the gang. With the murdering of Patrick Randell Holiday, his dog and four other people in the home. This murder was in truth done by mistake Harold “Black Salt” Brown and Vincent “City” Little both members of the Black Hustle were high from days of doing cocaine. With no funds they followed Patrick thinking he would lead them to a rivals house. They would shot the dog before tying up everyone else. Without finding money they proceed to kill the remaining persons in the home. They would be found two blocks from the scene and both received the death penalty. Other members of the Black Hustle would soon follow the same faith of fellow members. Logan would be given life in prison 3 months after the deaths of City and Black Salt. Black Hustle quickly lost influence in the streets. By 1988 Black Hustle was seen as a dormant gang with other gangs laying claim on their territories. Logan's cousin Justin “Goldie” Miles would be sent from California to spread the drug trafficking operations of the Hoover Crips. He would mange to gather most of the gangs together into one solid gang under the Hoover card. For a short time they built a solid drug network ranging in crack cocaine, marijuana and heroin. Goldie would go to prison leaving Martin “Country” Newton Jr. in charge. Martin would be pushed into war in 1994 with the Pure One's a white supremacist gang. To better combat the much organized gang they would drop the Crip traditional hierarchy slowly creating there own. By 1997 they where removed as a Hoover card. They would form into the Turf Hustlers under Martin. Martin would adopt the card idea and break the Turf Hustlers into crews lead by captains under Martin. This war would help create many crews who choose to join the fight as well as allies such as Suicidal Pistol Riders(SPR), Da Decker's and Bad Azz. In 2005 Martin would place his nephew Richard “Bo” Bowen as co-leader. Martin would die a short time later of cancer leaving Bo in charge of the now rapid growing gang. Bo would monopolize on his uncle success by opening clothing stores brandishing Turf Kingdom. This would help him launder money as well as employ his members. This only lasted for four years until he would be locked up for tax evasion. The gang would elected Zachary “Z-Daddy” Wright who eased the gang into a dog fighting ring around the city. By this time the gang simple began going by Da Turf. Zachary would point the gang into other operations such as street fighting and illegal racing. He would be imprisoned for five years for not paying child support. While imprisoned he stretched his hand to his cousin LeSteven “Lil Red Dawg” Wright III for help with solidifying his power base and interest. Nathaniel “C-Can” Caine would play middle man going back in forth relying messages of both parties. It's said a member of Holo intentionally got himself locked up so he could meet with Zachary as well as help complete the transition. Zachary would use Mitchell “Miller” Lindley as a acting leader as well as insure that the whole gang recognizes that they was place under Holo Family as a sub-gang. Since this Zachary has been let out and has pending charges which might send him back to prison for six years. Hoodie Holo controls the region they occupy and was placed in charge of helping them. This has since seem to have brought both gangs together, celebrating each others growth. Martin would expand operations into the mid-west collecting areas in Michigan, Detroit and parts of Minnesota. While Martin was locked up he used the time to disband all the cards to help bring a unified solid gang simply called Da Turf Holo.


Da Turf uses the Baltimore Orioles to represent, just as well when they we're removed from the Hoover card they stopped repping with color. They would began banging with color again with the entering under Holo. They are very organized ranging in many crimes creating a monopoly estimated to be worth 1.2 million a year. One secret to there growth is not limiting themselves to one area. They aren't defined by the territories they occupy, even thou they go by Da Turf. They haven't been a traditional gang since 1998 but instead always adapting to there surrounding creating a wall of close quite membership in their wake. But they are known to wear Dickies just as well as bearing the tattoo Ebenezer Street Boys, 373(the letters in the phone keys spelling ESF) or ESF(Ebenezer Street Family).


In Da Turf members join by proving themselves amongst the other members. They most put work in using a array of operations to bring in money for the gang. Most members are so close that they where born into the gang. Membership also allows any gender and race into the gang. Most members rise into leadership roles by how much money they bring in and how ruthless they are.