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Dawes Road is a thoroughfare in East York, Toronto, Canada in the Victoria Park Ave. and Danforth Avenue area. Named after Clem Dawes, who owned a hotel at the corner of Dawes Road and Danforth Avenue, Dawes Road began as an agricultural area and a very busy road in the 1800s, serving as a route for farmers to the market in the city. It was officially made a public road in 1848 and the first European settlement on the road was established in the late 1880s, known as "Little York". The street's Greek presence dates back to the late 1950s as the city experienced a surge of immigrants from Italy and Greece during this period through the 1960s. The area has lost some of its identity in recent years as this stretch of road has evolved into a residential area with an ethnically diverse population. Dawes Road currently connects Victoria Park Avenue and the far eastern stretch of Danforth Avenue, crossing Taylor-Massey Creek and continuing for two blocks south of Danforth Avenue until it reaches the train tracks at the Danforth GO train station. This area is densely populated with high rises and bungalow apartments and are home to many working-class young families and new immigrants. Unfortunately, many of these high rises have been ravaged by years of decay and neglect under the care of scrupulous slum lords. Many of the city's most vulnerable with little means call Dawes Road home, including those with substance abuse and mental health issues. Today, this area is known to be frequented and claimed as turf of a local street gang calling itself the Dawes Road Crips ever since the late 1990s, early 2000s. By the late 2000's the organization has since been defunct.



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