Dawes Road Crips

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The Dawes Road Crips are a multi-ethnic Toronto based street gang hailing from various low rises along the Dawes Road strip in the Victoria Park Avenue and Danforth Avenue area in the borough of East York, Ontario, Canada. This gang was founded roughly during the early 2000s and is unique from other Toronto Crip gangs as a significant number of its founding core members are Caucasian. The Dawes Road Crips' main stronghold is out of 500 Dawes Road but members can also be found along Danforth Avenue as well. Their main profits come from street level destribution of narcotics, robberies and car theft. It is alleged that members of this gang are applying their trade outside of the city to escape police pressure in Toronto. Their members are few in numbers, but they are believed to be heavily armed. By the late 2000's, they have since been defunct.


Slew of Charges in Main/Danforth Raid

Ottawa Drug Dealer Killed by Dawes Rd. Crip Member

Gangs Heading To Steeltown

Dawes Road/Driftwood Crips Gang Members Busted in Hamilton