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Debra-Dynes is a neighbourhood in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada centred around two major roads (Debra Avenue and Dynes Street). People of all description, though mostly women and children, shuffle in and out of Debra-Dynes, with Somolian and Vitnamese immigrants being the most prevelant. Twenty years ago, Debra-Dynes had a notorious reputation as Ottawa's primary drive-in drug store. Dealers served up an assortment of drugs to customers who drove into a Rideauview parking lot and waited for service, like patrons at a takeout window. Users would make their buy and drive away, without ever having to leave their car. At the time, Ottawa police estimated the street-level drug trade in the area was worth an estimated $1 million annually. In an undercover operation in 1987, police arrested 14 traffickers and 60 drug buyers in a Debra Avenue parking lot off Meadowlands Drive. With the help of a new community association, the Ottawa Community Housing Association cracked down on problem tenants, evicting them for criminal activity, drug use, abusive behaviour and non-payment of rent. The neighbourhood improved over the years. A community centre started by police, and now run by the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, helped turn things around.


A Community That Has Come a Long Way

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