Debra Antney

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Debra Antney is a business manager in the music industry. She was born in Queens, New York & later moved to Riverdale, Georgia, she runs her own record label called Mizay Entertainment. Debra Antney stated why she named her record label Mizay, she said that rappers Ludacris & David Banner(rapper) used to call her Miss A as in Miss Antney, but when they called her that it sounded like they were saying Mizay, so from there when she created her record label she called it Mizay Entertainment. She has three sons who are rappers signed to her record label, their names are Waka Flocka, Kayo Redd aka Redd Dread, and Wooh Da Kidd aka Wooh Da King, her nephew is also signed to her record label, his name is Frenche(rapper), she is also related to James Bimmy Antney, who was a former member of the Supreme Team, which was a organized crime group from Queens, New York.

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