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The Deuce was a notorious street gang in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that started up in the early 1990's in the Central Neighborhood by Fhreley Glen Mckay. This scavenger street gang began as an exclusively Aboriginal based entity but would later accept members from various racial backgrounds within their ranks. This sudden lack of requirement on recruits helped bolster this gangs' numbers and expansion into other neighborhoods. According to police and justice sources, by the year 2000 members of the Deuce Gang could be found in the Central, North End, West End, Weston, West Broadway, Point Douglas and Elmwood area's of Winnipeg. Members were known for being involved in serious criminal activities including murder, weapon trafficking, robberies, car theft, random beatings, arson & hold ups. Their main rivals were the Indian Posse but they were friendly towards the larger and more established Manitoba Warriors gang. How ever, this gang was broken up after a high-ranking member was shot and killed back in 2001 by a rival gang [1]. After the incident most remaining members of the Deuce Gang joined the Manitoba Warriors. The only sub set of this gang that still exist are now known as the Central Gang.

Sub Sets

362 Deuce Of Central -> The Original Set

5-9 Deuce Aces -> West End, West Broadway Set

9 Deuces -> was also known as the "Central Boyz"

Crazy 8s Deuce Set -> From the Point Douglas and Elmwood Areas


Mini Prison Riot Nets Inmates 3 Months in Jail

Winnipeg Street Gangs Growing


R.I.P Fhreley CENTRAL still holding it down for you homie

Deuce is now back and now had relocated to ontario and all over ontario, we reside in North Bay, while there are more sets to be known to join with Deuce