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The Dhak Duhre Gang are two seperate Indo-Canadian based criminal organizations whose members are involved in the lucrative drug trade throughout the Lower Mainlands of British Columbia, Canada. The Duhres Gang was founded by 3 brothers-Paul, Balraj and Sandip Duhres- who grew up in North Vancouver reportedly under the tutelage of Persian Pride gang members, and were understudies of slain Indo-Canadian gangster Bindy Johal in the 1990’s before he was shot in the head on the dance floor of Vancouver’s Palladium nightclub on December 20, 1998 [1]. Police said the Duhres were trying to spread across Metro Vancouver in 2010 with their allies, the Dhak group – another Indo-Canadian gang. The Duhres were suspected of involvement in the August 2011 Kelowna casino shooting that killed Abbotsford’s Jonathan Bacon and wounded full-patch Hells Angels member Larry Amero and James Riach of the Independent Soldiers gang [2]. Balraj Duhre would be the first Duhre to have an attempt on his life after surviving a bullet wound to the face in a failed 2003 Surrey hit, as well as escaping wounded from a targeted shooting in an East Vancouver Vietnamese restaurant in July 2005. However, the three Duhre brothers were struck down to two after Sandip Duhre’s public execution at the Sheraton Wall Centre’s posh Café One in January 2012 [3]. Sandip (Dip) Singh Duhre, dead at 36, left the control of 50 to 100 street soldiers and much of the Fraser Valley’s drug trade to his brothers. The leader of The Dhak Group, Gurmit Singh Dhak, 32, was shot dead at Metrotown shopping centre on October 16, 2010 [4]. The Dhaks are allegedly now led by his brother Sukh Dhak. Members of the Dhak Duhre Gang are cliqued up with the United Nations gang and are enemies of the Red Scorpions, some Independent Soldiers and the Hells Angels.

Khun-Khun killed on September 16 2011

Billy Woo killed on October 2 2011

Stephen Leone killed on October 22 2011

Sandip (Dip) Duhre killed on January 17 2012

Sean Beaver and Stephen Leone’s brother were killed on January 21 2012

Tom Gisby April 28 2012 murdered in Mexico

Nicholas Lucier May 1 1012 arrested in Mexico

Ranj Cheema killed on May 2 2012


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