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Elmwoods a primarily working class residential area of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The area is bordered by the lane between Harbison and Larsen Avenues on the North, Panet Road on the East, Thomas and Tyne Avenues and the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline on the South, and the Red River on the west. Until the 1950s, Elmwood was one of the most industrialized areas of Winnipeg, but most operations have now closed and the area is now almost completely de-industrialized. Elmwood has about 14,000 residents, a decline of about 5,000 since 1971. The average household income is about 75% of the Winnipeg average. Elmwood is mostly composed of single family residential homes of varying qualities, though there are numerous low-rise apartment blocks, townhouses, and two high rise apartment complexes, which are both social housing projects.


Kids Swarm Elmwood Grandmother

Elmwood Man Faces Drug, Weapons Charges

Winnipeg Man Attacked by Group, Stabbed


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