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A Houston Rapper That Was Made Famous By Dj Screw. He Was Shot To Death In 1998 At The Age Of 26. His Music Inspired Many People And He Will Never Be Forgotten.

featuring Lil' Keke and Fat Pat

Love it man

25 lighters on my dresser yessir I gots to get paid 25 lighters on my dresser yessir I gots to get paid I got 25 lighters for my 25 folks Bout to break the mic then break 25 mo' Bout to rip the track wit bout 25 flows and I'm pimpin like a mac wit bout 25 hoes 25 fly carat diamonds in my ring 25 twelves in the trunk got to bang Make moves to make a quick 25 mill Come up so I can knock off big nine-nine Seville Bout to take me bout 25 yellow bones home Doin bad to make them 25 phone home Call daddy sayin 25 got to go get 'em, get 'em DMD done put it down 25 out the door Hittin the highway doin 25 shows 25 Lil Mo's slammin 25 doors Representin fo' those holdin 25 screws in they deck I'ma wreck and rip 25 crews quick

25 lighters on my dressa yessir, I gots to get paid We got 25 lighters on the dresser yessir gots to get paid (2x)

[Lil' Keke] I jumps up early and I yawns and stretch Anotha day another dolla, 'nother case to get I take my time and realize that this game is real I got my mind on firearms, but I'm swanging barbe grill Gots to act real bad when i close red doors I'm shootin spidas off my rims cuz I'm ridin on fours And niggaz don't understand that we be drinkin the norm Never trust broads they're frauds On the 'vard is where I sling when I claim my name Back in the game Hershallwood, Texas regained It's the nine-eight and I'm jumpin in the mix Rocks up on my wrists and got haters on my list


How ya like me now cause I'm real Comin down piece and chain four shiny grills gots to bring havack where them boys at Fixin to break the mic now is that Fat Pat?

(chorus 2x)

[Fat Pat] I'm so throwed in the game Southside Playas, Skrewed Up click mayne wit the finest set you can bet them smoove ass event comin through this motherfucker man, hold up and set Some niggaz catch me high like dat and some niggaz act like they wanna pull a gat but they betta watch out for the boy PAT that's them motherfuckin haters can they handle me cause I be so throwed in this game comin down on the swing Grip wood grain on the shirt I leave a stain Cause you try to jack a real true G comin down the boulevard can they see me swangin swangin swang till we live Pop my trunk and give give give Niggaz betta see a nigga roll starched down and I'm rollin on eighty fours If the nigga FAT represent the click right up in the bowl and a whole lotta shit Betta look around cause they don't understand it I'ma say, "Hold up!" and scream, "God dammit!" Cause I'ma let the cat gone grip and gone take a trip and it's the empty clip just throw it off the ship cause it's a throwaway gat It's that Fat Pat, where them haters at where them haterss at man love it man


love it man

That's how we do it, DMD, Keke, Fat Pat G's in PA G's in tha city G's in the South so real (2X)