Game Tight Soldiers

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Game Tight Soldier member tattoo from Prince George, as indicated on the bottom with the letters "P" and "G".

The Game Tight Soldiers are a predominately Caucasian based street gang which started in the impoverished Downtown Eastside section of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but then relocated north into Prince George, British Columbia. Founded by Steven King, Authorities allege that this gang (like many others) facilitate the activities of the Hells Angels through their puppet club The Renegades MC, who supply and are in charge of the Game Tight Soldiers. Bikers have long insulated themselves by using street gangs such as the Game Tight Soldiers, the Independent Soldiers and other street-level gangs to run their drug operations at retail level. Despite the fact both the GTS and the Independent Soldiers have relationships with The Renegades MC and the Hells Angels, the conflicts between the two imports over the crack cocaine trade, as well as other personal disputes, have been deadly [1]. Today, younger local members of the gang are known for blatantly displaying their affiliation with the gang by either sporting "GTS-PG" (Prince George) tattoos, showing their origins are local or others with "GTS-EV", indicating they are from east Vancouver. Members are known for wearing black and red bandannas as well as clothing indicating the gang's moniker. The Game Tight Soldiers are rivals of the Independent Soldiers but are friendly towards the Hells Angels as well as their associate club The Renegades MC.


Proceeds seized by Prince George RCMP from GTS member who was under investigation for possessing the proceeds of crime.


Metro Vancouver Gangsters Export Drug War to Prince George

Gang Violence Suspected in Prince George Fires

Brother of GTS Member Ordered Deported Also Connected to Gang