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Henderson Posse started as the H Street Boys in the Henderson Projects by Saul “Nightmare” Cameron in 1986. They would build a empire from drug sales. They would just stay as the H Street Boys until 1996 with the arrive of California gang members Black Rose and Lil Suge Bear members of the Tree Top Pirus and Elm Street Pirus. They would build a drug network which help spread the power of H Street Boys which now have adopted Blood breaking down into 3 crews. These sub-sets were Henderson Lake Piru's, Henderson Park Bloods and Henderson State Baby Guerrilla's. They would dominate there area thru the drug trade until 2005 when many top members began to go to jail from a FBI sting. During 2006-2008 they would be torn between a power control losing many members which would later defect to rivals or creating independent crews of there own. Robot a member of Born Savage and resident of Henderson was voted to co control a large part of the gang. He would talk to Cash Monster thru Zeus on a natural umbra. This umbra would be put on pause with the untimely death of Cash Monster. When Zeus rose the new leader he would sanction H Street Boys in the newly formed Zoner Nation as the Henderson Mercenaries. In 2010 they would enter into a civil war amongst old and young members spiting ranks between the Henderson Posse fractions and Henderson Mercenaries. This war was started off the choice of the younger members wanting to change the name. This would last until the end of the Zoner War with a nerves cease fire. They would collapse as a cabin holder in a recognized family. In doing so a meeting was held on there future which Holo sanctioned in as branch under Holo. Since then all is unknown just as many other branch in Holo they are active in the shadows building back there family. They are under Black Squad Mafia Holo Families