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Simply known by his stage name, Director Hugo V. is a director/producer of Mexican descent (born May 11th in Los Angeles, CA). Known as The Quentin Tarantino of Music Videos and The KING of Street Videos, he is best known in the industry for directing, producing and even financing music videos. He has worked with several artists affiliated with the rap group Cypress Hill. Also known in the Los Angeles underground Hip-Hop rap scene as a producer/song writer.


Life and Career

Director Hugo V. grew up in South Central Los Angeles. A fan of music and movies, he decided to pursue a career in entertainment. From 1991 to 1996 he interned at such companies as MCA, Universal, Warner Bros. and others.

Director Hugo V. graduated in 2003 from the University of Southern California (USC).

Director Hugo V. directed, produced and chief financed the video for "Los Angeles (The Anthem)" featuring B-Real of Cypress Hill. The video was a big underground hit and was considered for nomination at the Los Angeles Music Awards. The video also received over more than 1 MILLION views on MYSPACE and equal views on YOUTUBE, and counting!!

After the success of the "Los Angeles (The Anthem)" video, Hugo V. once again teamed up with OBrown and B-Real for another video. Less than a year later, Director Hugo V. directed, produced and financed the music video for "Sliding In The Whip" which was shot on high-def and features Mellow Man Ace brother to Cypress Hill Member Sen Dog, collectively known as The Reyes Brothers. The video features cameos from Glasses Malone, D.J. Warrior and members of both Psycho Realm and Cypress Hill.

Once completing "Sliding In The Whip", Director Hugo V. directed a video for the song "Awaken (Al Despertar El Diablo)" by the hard-core rock/rap hybrid group out of South Gate known as N.M.E. The song was produced by guitarist Dino Cazares formerly of Fear Factory and Asesino. Sen-Dog of Cypress Hill appears in a skit at the beginning of the video. The video "Awaken" pays homage to the Evil Dead films directed by Sam Raimi.

Director Hugo V. worked for the third time with artist Obrown for the song "Respect My Career".

Director Hugo V. was soon given the opportunity to work with one of raps most talked about rappers Trenseta. Known as the "Lebron James of Rap" and featured in the Source's Unsigined Hype article. Hugo V. directed and produced a music video for the song "Fill Your Cup" by Trenseta, E.Crimsin and Flossy.

Director Hugo V. continues to direct music videos and is becoming a sought after director.

(all above information collected from different sources available to the public via internet)


  • Hugo V. makes Alfred Hitchcock-like cameo appearances in everything he directs.
  • He can be seen in the "Los Angeles" video wearing a brown fisherman hat while playing pool with two models.
  • In "Sliding In The Whip" by B-Real and O. Brown he is seen wearing a brown Fedora and mink coat while accompanied by two female mechanics in front of some rims.
  • In the video "Awaken (Al Despertar El Diablo)" he is dragged away into a pit by the entire band as they all moan "Join Us".
  • In the video "Fill Your Cup" by Trenseta, E. Crimsin and Flossy he appears pouring champagne on a model.
  • Hugo V. is known for having "reverse action" shots in all of his projects. Mostly known for his reverse "smoke-shots".
  • Always wears hats while directing and making public appearances.

Popular Projects

Music videos

  • Wrote, produced, directed & financed "Los Angeles" music video by O.Brown and B-Real.
  • Wrote, produced, directed & financed "Sliding In The Whip" music video by O.Brown and B-Real.
  • Wrote, produced, directed & financed "Fill Your Cup" music video by Trenseta, E.Crimsin and Flossy.
  • Wrote, produced, directed & co-financed "Awaken (Al Despertar El Diablo)" by N.M.E.
  • Wrote, produced, directed & financed "Respect My Career" by O.brown.
  • Wrote, produced, directed & financed "Sex In The Air"
  • Wrote, produced, directed & financed "Money Brings"


  • Wrote, co-produced, co-directed "The Message"

Music Production

  • Produced all songs on E.Crimsin's E.P. "Schizophrenic"

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