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From his humbling beginings , Toronto native Jermaine Dunkley, professionally known as J-Noble, emerged onto the music scene against all odds. Raised in Rexdale's Kipling Ave. and Mount Olive Drive community, J-Noble's talent begun with basketball. Making the first ever All Canadian All star Team. He earned a full 4 year scholarship to the University of Nebraska. Unfortunately his basketball dreams where halted by a mistake which would result in a 4 1/2 year incarceration. In a community where the streets provide a quick and easy means of making money, J-Noble found himself caught up in the fast and dangerous life style. Unbeknown to him, this very lifestyle would lay the foundation from witch is passion for music would flourish. Having lost countless friends and relatives to the streets that once consumed him, J-Noble knew that if he continued on the path he was on, he too would eventually fall victim to the streets. It was at that point that he relized that it was time for the trajectory of his life to change. Needing inspiration for material, J-Noble knew that the best source of insertion would come from his own life experiences, which fuelled his artistic expression. The raw emotion, drive and disappointments have fuelled his lyrical prowess, catapulting him to new heights. In just 2 short months, J-Noble has rested a massive buzz across the GTA which has been evident in his domination of on the net and various mix tapes. With heavy hitting videos, plans of unleashing an upcoming mix tape entitled "Real Life Drama", J-Noble has established himself as a force to be reckon with. As CEO of Monstarz Entertainment, he feels that "any person that has been through what i been through or has seen what I've seen, usually aint around long enough to speak about it. I consider them Monstarz."


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