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  1. A police officer.

To bring me down them Jakes'll do whatever it takes - DITC featuring Big L, Fat Joe (Da Enemy)

I ain't tryna see no highway chase with Jake, plus I gotta few dollars I can fight the case - Jay-Z (99 Problems)

They know when I'm asleep and they know when I'm awake, I know they got my phone tapped, I'm screaming fuck Jake - 50 Cent (Ski Mask Way)

Fat diamonds is rocks and jakes is cop - Big L (Ebonics)

Keep an eye out for Jake shorty wop, one love - Nas (One Love)

No matter how much loot I get I'm stayin in the projects, forever Jakes on the blocks we out-clever - Havoc, Mobb Deep (Survival of the Fittest)