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  1. Having hydraulics.
  2. To have juice means you kiss and lick a lot of booty -- Boogie Down Productions (Blackman In Effect [1990]) [1]
  3. Respect, e.g. the movie "Juice". Rah Digga rocks the army suits, now she is down wit Outz and she got the juice -- Young Zee featuring Rah Digga (Juice) [2]
  4. Alcohol, as in "being juiced up" or "get juice for the party". It's Saturday night and to the night club, I got the Tanqueray, juice, and the Green Bud -- E-40 featuring B-Legit (Outsmart the Po-Po's) [3]
  5. Willpower
  6. Crack
  7. Juice is also an MC from Phoenix, Arizona.



  1. To take advantage of someone. You can't juice Ice Cube, girl! -- N.W.A. (I Ain't The One [1988]).
  2. To keep your hoes in check, Chingy said Juice these hoes
  3. To Juice is to fuck a hoe till she dry. Get all the bodily fluids out. Chingy Said "All the playas grab ya nuts and juice these hoes...juice these hoes..."