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A group of six MCs from different parts of the country (part New York City, part Ohio), Killarmy seems as based on the concept of war as Wu Tang Clan is based on the principles of ancient Shaolin religion and teachings. The six members are 9th Prince, Dom Pachino, Shogun Assassin, Killa Sin, Beretta 9 and Islord. The comparisons don't end there however, in that Killarmy member Islord rarely appears on the debut album Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars due to bein locked down, the same way U-God rarely appeared on 1993's Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) since he was serving time back then. Originally showing up on a Sunz Of Man single, "Soldiers Of Darkness", in '95, Killarmy have since laid claim to the rap game and declared war on any crew who would challenge the Wu fam. If what the Clan have grown into since that time is any indication, then Killarmy is destined for the legends of the war and rap chronicles.