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The L.A.'s (or Latino Americanos) are a Latino orientated street gang founded in the early 1990's but was approximately 60 members strong as of 1994, and reported in the Christie Pits and Ossington Avenue and Bloor Street West area west of downtown Toronto, Canada. Initially Police did not view the L.A.'s as a sophisticated or organized force to deal with, dismissing them as a group of neighbourhood trouble makers rather than a criminal organization. However, it was not long before the core members of the L.A. Boys began to influence other disenfranchised Latino and Portuguese youths to join them in their criminal endeavors. Years later, the L.A.'s grew from a roaming neighbourhood clique to an organized criminal entity. However, the L.A. Boys did not make media headlines until two top ranking members were acquitted of 1st degree murder in the shooting death of a Christie Boys enforcer in 2004 [1]. Subsequently, one of the accused was then convicted of the shooting death of a bouncer outside a downtown nightclub the following year. The L.A's were believed to be major players in the cocaine trade west of downtown Toronto, and had evolved into an organized syndicate since its humble beginnings, with members being found operating majour drug rings in both Peel and York Region. Members of this gang have traditionally been friendly towards the Esplanade Crew.