LaManzella-Babilonie Crime Family

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LaManzella-Babilonie Crime Family

Founded In Seattle, Washington

Founded By Darius "Bambino/Born" LaManzella and as named after Darius and Benzino Don Babilonie

Years Active 1942-present

Territory Various neighborhoods over Seattle, Washington and other areas including Miami , Florida , Vancouver , Canada , Portland , Oregon , Salt Lake City , Utah and Denver , Colorado

Ethnicity Italian , Italian-American made men and other ethnicities as "associates"

Membership Unknown

Criminal Activities Racketeering , Extortion , Illegal Gambling , Street Tax , Union Control , Robbery , Hijacking , Contract Killing , Murder , Bookmaking, Box Fixing and Prostitution

Allies Trafficante , Vancouver crime families, Genovese crime family , Bonanno crime family , Zoner Nation , Lucchese crime family, Cleveland crime family, Morello crime family, Chicago Outfit crime family, Los Angelos crime family and Pee Wee Mafia

Rivals Various gangs

The LaManzella-Babilonie crime family is also known as the Bambino family and the LaManzella Mob. They were started by Darius LaManzella in 1942. They are a small crime family out of Seattle, Washington.

Darius LaManzella Early Life

In the begin the crime family was known as the Bambino crime family in 1942. Their name is based around their first bosses nickname Darius "Born/Bambino" LaManzella. Darius was born Darius Angelo LaManzella on May 14, 1895 from Trapani, Italy. Darius's father Alberto LaManzella was a member of the Honored Society while his mother worked as a cleaning woman. He was born the fifth child of eight. Darius spent most of his time under his father learning. In 1920 Darius and his family enter America as illegal immigrants. Fleeing from Benito Mussolini rule, Darius hoped to get a piece of the America Dream he found work on the docks as a dockhand. Not long working as a dockhand he was caught stealing and was sent to jail for 12 months. On him being release he learned his mother was gravely sick. In the weeks following she died. Darius later would say

"When my mother died I fell apart, I also discovered apart of me I never knew that filled that empty void." – Don Bambino 1936

Move to Boss

In mid 1923 Darius was working for the local mafia boss Giuseppe "the Boss" Masseria. As Masseria grow in power so did his enemies. Working as a hit man Darius was assign to eliminate a shopkeeper for refusing to pay tribute money. Darius walked in the busy shop and shot the shopkeeper five times before fleeing. Shortly after the murder Darius was contacted on the half of Sliver Dollar Sam to come to New Orleans to lay low. On his arrival to New Orleans he became a key gunman. During this time he was initiated as a member of the New Orleans Black hand gang. In the 1930's Darius was a captain in the New Orleans Mafia and a family man. Marrying in 1931 to Delrosia Tusta. They had three kids, Bobby LaManzella (1932), Darius LaManzella Jr. (1934) and Alberto LaManzella III (1939). During the great depression Darius was sent out by the New Orleans mafia to dapple in the housing construction. Starting to feel the depression he extorted, loan sharked and set up small gambling rings around the city of Seattle, Washington. In 1942 Darius want to make his independents felt he started endorsing his mafia family name Bambino. A name meaning young, he chooses Bambino so he could keep his business spread from his family. As Darius grow he kept his family small. One of the rising stars in the Bambino family was Antonino "Ant" Rinna the stepbrother of consilgliere Mattia "Mattress" Palermo. Mattia gain fame in the Castellamarese War. Throught out the 40's the Bambino family went unchallenged and made estimate $3 million dollars under Darius.

Tommaso "The Ruler" DeLeo Era

Hiding behind Frank Colacurcio crime family during the 50's Darius health began to fail. Darius ran the family until he died in 1964 on January 7. Darius was succeed by Tommaso "the Ruler" DeLeo. DeLeo selected a new under-boss Benzino "B.B." Babilonie. Benzino was also installed as the acting boss delivering orders on behave of Don DeLeo. Benzino stayed on the street so long that the FBI agents mistakenly took Benzino as the boss. In late 1976 the trial of Babilonie-Bambino Affair went underway. The trial lasted for two months ending in 1977 with an innocent verdict. During the trial the FBI learned DeLeo was the boss and immediately went after him building a case that lasted five years before eventually convicting him of three counts of murder. DeLeo, helped expand to Texas opening a few gambling locations. While making money off of construction.

The Two Bambio's

After the death of Benzino, DeLeo try running the family in jail but found it hard. During this time two of Darius's younger brothers made their bid for boss. Carlos LaManzella and Vincent LaManzella. Brought into the family business at a young age. The LaManzella brothers rose to captains controlling two of their own spread crews. Carlos the oldest to Vincent proposed to run the family together. This partnership lasted until 1998 that's when Carlos died of a stroke while eating with family. Vincent died a short time later in 1999 of natural causes in his sleep. During their reign they worked in the shadows. They also rename the family LaManzella-Babilonie crime family.

Testa's Summer War

Vincent groomed his nephew Othello "Kid Oceans" Testa to be the next boss. Don Othello proved to be a smart boss but wasn't feared and at many times was taken as a weak leader. Testa installed Salvatore "Summer Sal" Orena as underboss. Sent out of Cleveland he proved to be the backbone that Testa need. But Sal was too flashy for Testa and was green lighted while serving time for assault. Sal was stabbed in the weight area 38 times but lived. He would cling back and forth for two years in a coma. During that time Testa replace Sal with Leopoldo "the Quake" DiQuarto. DiQuarto helped push rivals off there turf while planning bank robberies. He bought a house out in his hometown Miami, Florida. He was soon caught during a bank robbery he was sentences to 30 years. While on trial his Miami home was searched and the police discovered $300,000 dollars in bank money stuffed in his couch. In 2006 a small war erupted in Seattle with factions loyal to recently released Sal and Testa. Sal rose as the winner when Testa died of a heart attack. Before Sal could be installed as the new boss the Vancouver mafia had him killed. Legend is that they were sending a message telling members that no man can declare a dishonorable war. No retaliation on Sal's death was ever made. In 2006 Dante "Donny Child" Bellini was voted in as the new boss of the LaManzella-Babilonie crime family, little is known about there actives and some say they have went back to what made them strong.

Historical leadership of the LaManzella-Babilonie Crime Family

Bosses (official and acting)

Darius "Born" LaManzella 1942-1964 Darius got his nickname "Born" from his sweet ways to deal with issues. "Just like a new born baby put that issue to rest." This nickname could also have been the influence to the title Bambino.

Tommaso "The Ruler" DeLeo 1964-1982 Tommaso was blind in one eye. He got it in a fight were he got hit with a pipe while down. Since then he was always taken with dark shades. He has four kids from four women. He never got married.

(Acting Boss)Benzino "B.B." Babilonie 1964-1982 Benzino was known as a hot head. His boss was charged with his death. It's said DeLeo didn't want the family to be pledge with inter conflicts as well as not ready to give up his title as boss. As acting boss Benzino was so fame's that the family went by the Babilonie mafia during his run as acting boss.

LaManzella Brothers 1983-1998

Carlos LaManzella was born in New York in 1921. His older sister Anna raised him until his older brother Darius sent for them in 1944. Carlos enjoyed learning the Bambino business. He made his bones creating a connection with larger families acting as an ambassador. He was given a capo position, which he shared with his little brother. In 1982 Carlos and brother took advantage of DeLeo's inability to stay up on family business and in no time they were installed as the new bosses. Carlos would co run the family until he died in 1998. He was known as Cakes. He had three kids. He asked to have his youngest son Testa just a low level soldier to be boss so he could keep it in the family.

Vincent LaManzella was born in New York in 1923. He was often sick as a child. He went to work with his oldest brother Alberto at the market. When America joined World War 2. Vincent ran off to join he spent a two year tour before being discharge. He joined his family in Seattle in 1945. He was brought into the fold sharing joint capo rank with older brother Carlos. They split up neighboring blocks. They quickly made a bid for boss in 1982. They ushered in the LaManzella era. Vincent never spent a day behind bars. But he placed himself as a model mobster taking many under his wings. He has been married twice known for living a quite life he has five kids. Vincent is famously called the Teacher.

Vincent "the Teacher" LaManzella 1998-1999

Othello "Kid Oceans" Testa 1999-2006 Othello was born in Seattle, Washington in 1976. He was named after his grandfather on his mother's side. Othello was a fat kid often getting teased. He started to lift weights when he got to high school he often-cut classes to shoot hoops. He was installed into the family in 1986. He was placed in charge of shipments in collecting protection money. He was mentored by his uncle Vincent and was placed as underboss in 1999. He became boss when his uncle Vincent died. Most of his fellow mobsters took him as a weak person. To help displace that thought he installed Cleveland mobster Salvatore "Summer Sal" Orena as underboss. As well he made strong ties with neighboring mafia clan Vancouver. He had a very tough reign as boss having a hard time keeping rivals at bay. He died of a heart attack in 2006. He left behind a daughter named Anna Testa.


Mi'Angelo "Bird" Paris 1942-1953 Mi'Angelo was born Vito Mi'Angelo Nero on May 3, 1900 in Cianciana, Sicily. He moved to America in 1913 where in school he was seen as a pretty boy. He then began going by Mi'Angelo Paris. He began his career in Los Angelos doing petty crime. He was caught and was sent to jail to do 17 months. While in jail his cellmate was an associate of the New Orleans Mafia. Mi'Angelo was released from jail in 1914 where he scrapped up enough money to buy a train ticket to New Orleans where he would spend 26 years working from a soldier to a capo. He was sent out to Seattle, Washington to help Darius set up business. During that time he went back and forth to Los Angelos and Seattle. In 1942 he joined the Bambino Family as their first underboss installing allies among the western crime families.

Antonino "Ant" Rinna 1953-1964(replaced) Antonino was born in 1925 unknown where he's from he gain attention from his famous quotes when intimidating his victims.

"If the boss wants you dead. You better lay down and play DEAD!" "How good can you swim?" - members quoting Rinna

He was thought to have killed over 13 people. With the death of underboss Mi'Angelo, consiglere Mattia "Mattresses" Palermo step into suggest his stepbrother for the underboss role. During Antonino's underboss days he helped the family venture into outside interest. He was chosen to replace the boss in 1964 but was cheated out of his position while doing time for fencing. Weeks before his release Darius died and Tommaso became boss replacing Antonino with Benzino. To keep peace in the family Antonino became consiglere. As consiglere he played a small role eventually being forgotten in the public. During the Babilonie-Bambino family era Antonino died in a car accident in 1975. He had 8 kids with only three being made men.

Benzino "B.B." Babilonie 1964-1982

Vacant 1982-1999

Salvatore "Summer Sal" Orena 1999-2004 Salvatore was born in Cleveland on May 6, 1968. The second oldest of three, his mother worked as a nurse and father a barber. He was inspired by his grandfather stories as a soldato for the Magaddino crime family. In the 1980's Salvatore create his own gang called the Spit Fire club. They sold chocolate bars stolen from candy stores and stuck up dice games. He gained a reputation for being a flashy kid. He got his name Summer Sal from his expansive jewelry. It's not clear when he join the Cleveland mob. But by the 90's they were ready to get rid of him. In 1999 Cleveland boss sent Salvatore to Seattle out of respect for his grandfather being a senor member. Testa promotes him to underboss. Testa thinking taking Salvatore under his wing he could control him. Instead Salvatore spent many days behind bars or in the media proclaiming his innocents. Having enough of Salvatore he green lighted him. Salvatore was in the weight room when a group of men ran up on him in began stabbing him. The guards broke up the fight and immediately sent Salvatore to the prison infirmary. They then transfer him to the hospital where he would spend two years cling back in forth. He awoke on February 14, 2006 and immediately sent back to year to finish off his three months. He sent for his brothers and they began persuading members to join they're side. The playing field was made when Salvatore's men broke into the home of soldato Hermit "the Pear" Paradiso. Salvatore's men broke in thru the window and waited for Hermit to show. Hermit show up around 3 am intoxicated. He walked in when a hail of saw off shotgun fire ripped thru the room. The death of Hermit marked war. Testa respond a week later kidnapping his little brother Arthur. He was missing for two months when a couple found his body wash up on the shore of Daytona Beach, Florida. Before Salvatore could counter strike Testa died of a heart attack. Salvatore wanted to establish himself as boss called a peace summit. He left his friend Dominico Cagili in charge of setting it up. Unknown to Salvatore that Dominico set him up. The summit was in Vancouver a day before it was to be held a problem was brought to Salvatore. While Salvatore was enroute he was met at an underpass with gunfire. He was buried in Cleveland next to his little brother.

Leopoldo "the Quake" DiQuarto 2004-2006 Leopoldo was born on January 24, 1971. His father a lawyer raised him in Miami, Florida. Growing up Leopoldo was a only child. He passed his time sneaking into football games with his friends. His friends called him the "Quake" because when he hit you your head would quake. With that ability he gains a scholarship to the University of Washington. He only played one year on the 1990 team. Before the 1991 season could begin he was kicked off. From there he would make a living stealing and selling car. In his spare time he would body build keeping his football tune. There he befriends Testa who would make his introduction to the mafia. He was made an associate put on the street as a street collector. He showed useful when dealing with people who didn't pay up. When Testa became boss he opens the books for Leopoldo to enter as a soldato. He was put in charge of Testa old operations. As well he was given a bonus he was allow to control his own crew. His crew was of three associates. They made their money in side ventures such as diamond smuggling, bank robberies and people smuggling. He was the owner and boss of a car dealership, which he used as a front to do business as well as a home base. He was bumped up as capo in 2003 when Santino "Happy" Tessio Sr. was sent to jail for life. Everything was going good for Leopoldo so much that he moved up to under-boss with the imprisonment of Summer Sal. He was installed to keep rivals at bay. He did this by paying off gang leaders and taxing dealers. He chose to celebrate his promotion to under-boss by moving his base to Florida where he was buying out corner stores. During a bank robbery he was caught exiting the building. He gives up without a fight. During his trial all of his crew members took a plea bargain to lighten their sentences. He has two sons and three daughters.


Mattia "Mattresses" Palermo 1942-1956 Mattia was born Mattia Rossi Ciccio on March 31, 1891 in Castellammare Del Golfo, Sicily, Italy. He was the son of farmers. He had 12 siblings with only four leaving Sicily to America. During their time in America they worked under Frankie Yale as enforcers. The four brothers sent for Mattia and family in 1919. Soon as Mattia got to America. Mattia worked as a look out earning 12 dollars. As well he would sneak away from his older brothers to shoot dice. In 1929 Mattia and his brothers joined the Castammarese War under Salvatore Maranzano. Mattia would kill five people under Salvatore's orders before getting shot in the leg. Mattia was good friends with Joe Bonanno which would come in handy during his Bambino years. He was release out the hospital days before rival Joe "the Boss" Massera would be gun down. He spent time out in New Orleans during Salvatore reign as boss of all bosses. He was immediately called back to New York to pay his last respects to Salvatore. He would travel back and forth as a unofficial ambassador. During this time he set up a small shoe business in Seattle, Washington. When Darius was sent out there Mattia was the one who give him a job as well as help. During this time it was Mattia who proposed a spread family and talked on the families behave. He got his name Mattresses because he spent most the time during the Castammarese War in bed. He died in his sleep on April 1, 1956 leaving six kids.

Ryan "Dom" Domino 1956-1983 Ryan was born Ryan Dominic Bocchicchio on July 20, 1906 in New Jersey. He was born an only child. He would be sent to live with his aunt in Chicago when his mother died of an unknown sickness. Before being sent his father tried taking care of him but found himself out of work so his father sister sent for Ryan. Ryan and his cousin Jonathan "Johnny the Drummer" Mussolini would skip school to hang out in the zoo or make money doing the confidence scam. During one of there scams the polices caught Ryan throwing him in jail. While in jail Ryan's cousin got in trouble and was force to leave Chicago or face death. When Ryan got out Darius who was told of their problem sent him for. Ryan and Jonathan then were placed under Darius's protection. Darius wanting to see Ryan do well and was put in school again. During this time Adone fi Rome a.k.a. Ol' Skipper took a liking to them and began teaching them how to make money without getting caught. Their first scam was street taxing paperboys. When they finish school they moved out joining world war one. At this time Darius was working for New Orleans Mafia. He resent for Adone who found Ryan out of work after world war one. They were sworn into the Bambino family with Adone acting as there godfather in capo. Ryan would make a toe hold in Reno, Nevada setting up a few horse racing businesses. Ryan would change his name daily to evade and stay low key. But one of his names stuck which he would keep Ryan Domino. He wasn't known as an enforcer but instead a cunning man personal studying books. He was known as the brains for a lot of Bambino operations. For his success in doing so he was hand pick by Mattia and Darius to be the consigilere. He was so valuable that he stayed at consigilere even with Antonino sharing his position.

Sammy "Sam" Simone 1983-1999 Sammy was born 1955 as Samuelo Fredo Pe in Saint Louis, Missouri. He first met the Bambino's during Antonino trail. He then did soldato Marcus "Don't Don't" DiNeri. He was made the official lawyer of the Bambino's when he won the case for Benzino. He was placed as unofficial family adviser until the death of Ryan. The LaManzella brothers installed him into the family as consigilere. He would serve as consigilere until being replaced by Michael "Mickey" Sessa. Sam died in 2011.

Michael "Mickey" Sessa 1999-2000 killed in a car bomb.

Joseph "Bookworm" D'Amato 2000-2006 served as a wartime consigilere but was sent to prison causing him to be replaced. He is now out and is a unofficial consigilere/capo


Adone "Ol Skipper" fi Rome 1942-1959 at 6'9 he commands respect. He would be the driving force behind the Bambino creating toeholds before taking over everything. He owned a few bars, which he used as a base to recruit members. He got his name Ol Skipper from the face expression he often showed looking like an old man. He died in 1959.

Charles "Fat Buffalo" Lombardi 1942-1971 Charles was a massive person weighing 301 pounds. But this didn't stop him from duties as a capo. He would venture into unions as well as extorting restaurants. He would die choking while watching baseball.

Antonino "Ant" Rinna 1942-1953

Carlos LaManzella 1944-1983

Vincent LaManzella 1945-1983

Jonathan "Johnny the Drummer" Mussolini 1959-1965 Jonathan was born in Chicago in the North side on October 4, 1903. He was the youngest of five brothers. His mother Anna was a singer. When his younger cousin Ryan came to stay with Jonathan. Jonathan and Ryan would skip school to gamble. On one of the days they skipped the police caught Ryan while Jonathan fled. Anna Jonathan's mother tried getting Ryan out but had trouble speaking English. So she went toBig Jim Colosimo for help. While Anna was seeking help, Jonathan went and stole a car and went for a joy ride. He crashed the car and unknowingly the car belonged to a mobster. He was told to pay for a new car or die. Darius was told of their problem he sent a friend out to get them. To repay Darius back Jonathan straightens up and went back to school. He would enlist in world war one when he got out of high school. He would leave the army at the end of the war where he had a hard time finding work. Darius was building a family in Seattle where Jonathan's mentor found him and borough him to Seattle where he was sworn in amongst a room of 20 the 20 would be soldato and giving task by there capo's. Jonathan was so great with the Thomas gun; he used it so much that his friend's nicknamed him Johnny the Drummer. He would follow his mentor and model soldato to high positions such as boss of the family. As a capo he earn money thru hits and transporting cans during world war two. He opened a small meat company where most hits where said to have tooken place. He would die as a capo leaving two kids.


Boss Dante Bellini 2006-Present The now LaManzella-Babilonie family installed Dante "Donny Child" Bellini as boss. Dante was born August 25, 1967 as Thomas Jowano Bellini in Brooklyn, New York. He's the oldest of ten children. He got his first glimpse of crime at the age of nine. He would steal boxes of cigarettes and sell them. He got caught selling at school and was sent to live with his aunt in Seattle, Washington. While out there he befriends Joey "Akes" Lamont a leader of a street gang called the Little Bits. Many members of the Little Bits became members of the LaManzella-Babilonie's. Dante became a powerhouse in the underworld taking over Little Bits operations in 1986 with the death of Joey. Dante was sent to jail for a year and give the leadership role to his cousin Jerry "Bat Gloves" Grovedale. During Jerry's short reign he got addicted to cocaine and overdose. With the death of Jerry the Little Bits broke up with members joining other crime groups. With the release of Dante many of his ex-members co-signed for Dante. He worked as an associate until the books open up. He began going by Dante or Donny many times writing Child as his last name. He grows in power through fear leading a crew of 19 known as the Wash Room Crew. Many mafia families called on there service to hide bodies as well as green lighting people. He is said to have made his bones by killing a rat under a Lucchese contract. He also is responsible for orchestrating the stabbing of Summer Sal. He became boss in 2006. He is married to Catalina Jordan. They have two kids Dante Bellini Jr. (1990) and Brandy Castella Jordan Bellini (1992).

Underboss Santino "Smiley/Happy" Tessio Jr. 2006-Present Santino was born May 9, 1986 and spent his time traveling to cities where his father Santino would commit murders or lay low. To coup with the traveling his older brothers would make up stories of his father being a spy. He believed these lies until he was nine. At nine years old his older brother Carlo Tessio got cancer. While he lay in bed members of respect of crime families came to show their respect as well as to meet for business. He was brought into family business to replace Carlo as well to be confronted. He started as a waiter and went on trips with his second oldest brother Joey "Thee Out/Baby Tessio" Tessio on collection runs. On these trips he builds up connections as well as learning the inner workings. He was brought in at a very young age. They used his age to hide items as well as a street massager. He was placed as capo of his imprisoned father crew as well as given his operations. He got his name Smiley because when he gets mad he smiles. He became the underboss of the Bambino family in 2006 and since then little is known about his actions.

Consiglieres Demetrius "DeLaZella" LaManzella 2006-Present Demetrius is the grandson of Victor LaManzella and son of soldato Raymond LaManzella.

Current Family Capos

Alphoni "Steady Al" Rinna 1973-Present

Jimmy "Jimbo" LaManzella 1981-Present

Cassi "the Moon" Palermo 1982-Present

Douglas DiQuarto Leopoldo (Denver interest boss/capo)

Michael "Bambino" LaManzella (Miami interest boss/capo)

Joe "Fat Nose" Testa is the stepbrother of Othello Testa (Portland interest boss/capo)

Murphy "the Rat" Berto (Rochside Street crew)

Johnny "Blue Stage" Almeni (Salt Lake interest boss.capo)

Cert "Heavy Palms" Gotti (Las Vegas interest boss/capo)

Giuseppe "the Wirer" Vicenza (Knock Knock Boy's Crew)