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The La Raza gang started as a branch of the Party People in 1972. La Raza was on the corner of 17th and Racine with the Party People, so basically Party People formed in 1972 and they had a faction of Party People known as La Raza, they fought against Party Masters, Stone Heads, Tokers, and Laflin Lovers. Some of the La Raza founders were Cobra, Diego, Cougar, Capone, Shadow, Boney, and Hector, and there were about 3 other members in the whole La Raza clique. La Raza gang members mainly consisted of freshly arrived Mexican immigrants, and when they arrived they stayed in the basements of Party People gang members houses on 17th and Racine. In the year 1973 a disagreement arose between Lil Michael who was one of the Party People founders and the present leader Boney of the La Raza gang. Boney was a former Racine Boy that joined Party People to get protection from Latin Counts, Ambrose because he had caused a lot of nations to be angered with him on the streets, any way, Lil Michael and Boney fist fought and after the fight all the La Raza Party Peoples left 17th and Racine and formed La Raza into a separate nation from Party People They then relocated to Cullerton street. La Raza remained allies with the Party People even though their was bitterness between the two, La Raza also hung out with Ambrose and Racine Boys. Within due time in the 1970s after they broke off from Party People they were at war with Latin Counts, Latin Kings, Bishops, Damen Boys, Stone Heads, and Satan Disciples. In the early 1980s La Raza and Party People went to war for unknown reasons but it is rumored that La Raza started the war somehow. This war lasted throughout the early and mid-80s (1980-1987) then in 1987 La Raza joined the Folk Nation under the umbrella of the Two Sixs. Party People were already Folks from 1984 so the two gangs became friends again.

After La Raza joined Folks their influence spread into Cicero, IL and also the Back of the Yards community along the 49th and 42nd street corridors. Many old school tags from the 80s show La Raza and Party People tagging together. In the early 90s La Raza and Party People went to war with each other, also La Raza went to war with many other Folk Nation gangs such as Ambrose, SDz, Two Six, GDs, Two Two Boys and many other Folks. In 1999 a La Raza named Capone and others took territory from Two Sixs. In the late 90s La Raza opened a set on the corner of 42nd and Mozart which was right within or very close to Two Six neighborhood. A high ranking Two Six by the nickname of "Fly" was disturbed by this and stationed Two Sixs on the same corner (42nd and Mozart). Since 42nd and Mozart was within Two Six territory Two Sixs told La Raza to leave 42nd and Mozart, La Razas refused to leave and this began a war with Two Six started by Flaco and Zorro, Two La Raza members from 48th street. In 1998 a truce was called between La Raza and Two Six. After Fly was shot in 1999 by the Saints, the war between Two Six and La Raza started back up again. In 2004 La Raza expanded into the Archer Heights neighborhood called (Gangsta Zone).





  • La Raza Nation's colors are Red, White & Green.