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La Gran Familia, which translates to the grand family in English, is an Hispanic highly-organized, ruthless crime organization in the United States. La Gran Familia was started in Southern California in the late 1950's & the founder of this organization is Louis Huero Buff Flores. All gangs under La Gran Familia call theirselves Sureños, which in English translates to Southerners, due to the fact that they got their start in Southern California. They use the number 13 to show that they are a Mexican street gang, because the letter M is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet and the M stands for Mexican, however not all Sureños are of Mexican descent, there are several other Hispanic groups that are under the Sureños banner. Law enforcement officials report that La fAm is the most powerful gang within the California prison system. Government officials state that there are currently 155–300 official members of La Gran Framilia with around 990 associates who assist La fAm in carrying out it's illegal activities in the hopes of becoming full members. Sureño street gangs and La Gran Familia are almost ethnically homogenous, that is, they consist of almost entirely of Hispanic members. When Sureños enter correctional facilities, they are required to put aside their rivalries and obey La Gran Familia or suffer possible lethal consequences.

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