Ledbury-Banff Crips

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First emerging on the scene as the Southside Crips during the late 90's, the Ledbury-Banff Crips are one of the largest street gangs in Ottawa whose roots can be traced back to the Ledbury-Banff area. Most LBC members either lived in and around the Ledbury-Banff housing development, or had ties to that area. Historically, LBC members were young (teenagers) and were known to be involved in criminal activity, such as mischief, intimidation and personal robberies. There are approximately 28 identified members with a large number of associates. Most LBC gang members are young adult males. The average age of their members is 20. There are a significant number of female associates. Members of the LBC are known to exploit and control young females for the purposes sexual relations and, as well, for the purposes of financial gain through the sex trade. This gang has spread out all over the southern district of Ottawa and has produced off-shoots such as the Baycrest Crips, Cedarwood Crips,H-Block Crips, Sandlewood Crips, and the Russell Ridaz. Members are active in the trafficking of cocaine, particularly crack cocaine. While their name comes from a southeast Ottawa community, and that is the general area where most members originated from, today, members reside across the city and in Gatineau. As well, their criminal activity is not restricted to southeast Ottawa as members have been surfacing in Western Canadian cities such as Calgary and Edmonton.


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