Lil Flip

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Lil Flip is an African-American rapper from Houston, Texas. He is known as the freestyle king, for his ability to spit lyrical freestyles at any given moment, he typically doesn't write his rhymes he's just known to get in the booth and freestyle all of his songs, which is why he is very well known and respect by many of his peers. He is also well known for his feud a few years back with Atlanta, Georgia rapper T.I.(rapper), which started over a rumor that Lil Flip supposedly was saying he was the king of the south, and not T.I.(rapper), all supposedly was said about T.I.(rapper) while he was locked up, so when T.I.(rapper) got out of jail he heard about what Flip supposedly said about him, and thus the war began, nowadays the war is long buried and over with, the two are on good terms with each other now.