Lynwood Neighbor Hood Crips

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The East Side (E/S) Lynwood Neighbor Hood Crips, also known as the "Lynwood N-Hood Crips", are a primarily African American street gang founded in 1978 in the unincorporated city of Lynwood, California. This gang was established in 1978 by childhood friends in Lynwood High School located on Imperial Hwy between Harris Avenue and Bullis Road. Their territory covers a large area from Atlantic Avenue in the east to Wright Road to the west and from the Imperial Highway in the north to the Glen Anderson Freeway to the south. Along with the traditional blue associated with the Crips, the Lynwood N-Hood Crips also dawn yellow (or gold) bandannas/apparel as well. They are allies of all Neighbor Hood Crips and gangs that fall under the Deuce (2x) card. They are considered rivals of the Walnut Blocc Crips, Palm & Oak Gangster Crips, 211 Criminal Crips and the Pope Street Crips. Due to Lynwood's close proximity to the city of Compton, the Lynwood N-Hood Crips have also feuded with various east side Piru sets such as the Mob Piru and Cross Atlantic Piru. They are also hostile towards all Hispanic gangs in Lynwood, in particular, the Lynwood Varrio Young Crowd.



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