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  1. An uzi style firearm, specifically the Ingram MAC-10 and MAC-11 series of sub-machine guns, popular for their high rate of fire and low cost.
  2. The Mack, an early 70's Blaxploitation film shot in Oakland, California.
  3. A ladies man. I love the ladies and they love me right back, now who's the Mack -- Ice-T ("Who's The Mack" [1991]).
  4. To get your mack on: to have sex. You know, I was all getting my macks on with her
  5. To put your mack down: to dance, like getting your groove on. Cali is where they put they mack down, give me love! -- 2Pac featuring Dr. Dre (California Love) [1]



  1. To pimp. Mackin' is a game and everybody's playing it -- Ice Cube ("Who's The Mack" [1991])
  2. To steal.
  3. To flirt.