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The Mad Cowz, who first appeared on police radar in 2004, were founded by displaced immigrant youths of African origin who banded together as a result of social isolation from the greater population of Winnipeg. Although started as a support mechanism for recent immigrants, police believe the Mad Cowz quickly became involved in the street level distribution of crack cocaine in the west end of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The gang burst on to the criminal scene in 2000 by targeting young new African immigrants to the city with aggressive tactics. Many newly arrived teens and young men struggled with the language and culture but were instantly welcomed by established criminals who preyed on them to do their bidding. Many of the founding members were no strangers to violence given the background of where they had come from and gone through in their home countries (Most members are of Sudanese or Somalian descent). This gang's membership relies on displaced youth who have been exposed to a high degree of violence. With major profits to be made from drug trafficking in Winnipeg, several Mad Cowz members decided to break away and form their own group, which is known on the streets as the African Mafia. Their main rivals, aside from the African Mafia, are the B-Side, Native Syndicate, Most Organized Brothers, the Indian Posse and the Manitoba Warriors.


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